Monday, 15 May 2017

Glazing and Glazed

This batch of tall jars and vases was constructed and bisc fired before I went away to Nepal in March, so though initially a struggle to tune back in to them, they are back underway now. At last just about ready for the glaze kilns. 

Which colour where, and should I test again?

Unfortunately I managed to melt the main the fuse box, not once but twice, so there has been a bit of a kiln traffic jam.  Lucky I didn't burn the whole pottery down. Isolator switch wasn't isolating.....

There are going to be few kiln firings over the next fortnight, with Dumfries and Galloway's brilliant Spring Fling Open studios  event round the corner in under two weeks time, 27th - 29th May

I returned to another order for plates for No 16 Restaurant Byers Road. Another glaze dipping feast. I was really hoping to concentrate on new work for Spring Fling, but hopefully I will have managed to complete both - just about in time. 

 Meanwhile a few more individual orders have been completed. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Wendy Kershaw
 is once again sharing my studio over Spring Fling. Renowned for her beautiful porcelain picures, this year there will be more surprises. I for one am looking forward to seeing her new work. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Dishes and Jars

Allie had been able to help out a couple of days lately. It's great to have two for the extruded ware, one to push and one to pull. The trouble with extruding is that it is always tempting to get a bigger batch of work started than is possible to work on in one go. Here are the extruded dishes sit waiting to be slipped

The extruder charged, die in place all ready to go. This time well labelled. It's amazing how easy it is to get things upside down, back to front or the wrong way round.

I also started some more long hangings, there seemed to be a few empty spaces in the showroom that were asking for them. These are marked with an incised design and have an initial brushed coat of slip. The rest of the colour will be added at the glaze stage.

This smaller set of dishes, (I call them 'rug platters'), have a coat of poured slip. I rest them on supports to prevent sagging until the slip dries a little.

The rug platters fit in the smaller kiln, so they are finished more quickly. This one has a bee pattern, a wallpaper like departure but I sort of like it.

Also extruded are some taller pots. Here again the design has been incised with more colour to be added after the biscuit firing.

As always the shape and feel of the vessel dictates the design.

This week Allie came round again to help me out. I was in a bit of rush to get everything at a state before I head off for the rest of the month. We got the first biscuit kiln unpacked, the bases waxed and all then dipped in transparent glaze.

The glaze kiln was fired yesterday, though I won't get it unpacked now until I return and the current batch of slip decorated work is now drying on the shelves.

Friday, 11 November 2016

An Autumn of Bicycles

Clay is not the first medium I would think of which to make a bicycle so this commission has been, and is, an interesting challenge.

I had to think 'fat bike' tyres, and a hollow handle extrusion seemed to be the perfect thing, especially as it already had the ridge for the inner wheel.

I largely made it up as I went along, with just a rough sketch to scale and to see how it all fitted. I had originally thought, freestanding with one foot down so as to act as a tripod,  soon discovering that this was going to be a soft clay logistical nightmare. It needed a base as an anchoring point.

The figure has extruded arms and legs (hollow) and a thrown body and head. I'll add more colour at the glaze stage, I didn't dare use too much slip for fear of the thing collapsing.

 I have been drying him out very slowly, and fingers crossed for the kiln.

It's a full biscuit firing tonight with bicycle man at the back.

I said an Autumn of bicycles. It all kicked off with the the Dalbeattie Hard Rock Challenge Mugs. Rewarding in a different but uniformly satisfying way.

Next up (commission wise) is another car, what's this with transport?

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Images from Potfest in the Park

Back from a wonderful weekend at Potfest, all unpacked and our own gallery put back to rights. (We are both off again tomorrow for a long weekend so don't try to visit until next Monday).  It is a great show and so stimulating to be in the company of such creative and resilient fellow potters. The standard of work is truly fantastic.

Here are some shots of my stand before the hoards descended on Friday morning.

And then they arrived, dogs and all. Do you stand at the back or at the front, do you look eager or do you let them browse?

I watched this pair come along with their dog and screech to a halt when their eyes caught sight of the long thin whippet dish.

Will they buy it or not?

They did, good choice!

I was too busy or distracted to take many photos, and I should have done because some of the work was superb. This is Doug and Hannah looking radiant by their stand. But where is baby Pippin? She must have been having one of her rare sleeps after beaming at everyone who came by.

The beautiful display of Fitch and McAndrew slipware.

The Potfest band played on and on.

'Blackbird's Bathtime' - my contribution for the Potfest competition piece, the theme being 'Bird Bath / Flight of fancy'. 

Paul Smith's Bird man diving won the potters' (and my) vote.

Katherine Winfrey's ingenious contraption.  I know that she won the Welsh vote because I enjoyed some of the prize of cake and the beer.

Sue Dunne's competition piece didn't arrive until Saturday but was well worth the wait. The taps even turned!

And why was it late? A sad tale but with a happy ending.

The best thing for about Potfest is the mix of nationalities. Sadly if Brexit happens it will become so much more complicated for the European potters to come across to future Potfests.  

There was an anxious unity of  feeling over the 'Every country for itself' direction we all worryingly seem to be going in. So I particularly loved Belgium potter Toon's Thijs's political figures. The middle one has mushrooms growing out of his head and his brain is on his lap. The one on the left has the shape of Denmark on his placard with 'Keep out' written on it. 

Thanks so much to Chris, Geoff and Matthew Cox for their boundless energy in organising this event. A ceramics festival run by potters who truly understand their needs 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pots for Potfest in the Park

That’s the last glaze kiln, just unpacked this evening with pots for Potfest in the Park on Friday. What a manic few weeks it's been but I'm feeling good now.

Mind you I wouldn’t mind waving a magic wand over the packing and setting up still ahead, but then looking forward to being there and catching up with friends and colleagues and seeing all the other great work on show,

I'm hoping to be showing some of my new extruded frame pictures at Potfest, we are just trying to work out a safe hanging system which will be secure enough on our tad flimsy back panels. Rodger managed to take some good photos yesterday, he was enjoying the detailed shots. 

Tomorrow's going to be a pretty busy day getting this lot safely packed up.

There has been a record number of kiln firings over the last fortnight, with a ridiculously fast turn around of biscuit and glaze. How I manage to leave this until last minute every time is beyond me but it was the point when I realised that time was such that it was not actually possible that I panicked.

On this occasion I had to ask very nicely for some help, and Rodger ended up waxing some of the bases for me, then continued to pack the kiln as I glazed. 

Now I just have this lot to sort through, it's all looking good though, so I am quite pleased and feeling much more confident that my stand should look good.

Oh... and I haven't mentioned that 'competition' piece yet. The theme this year is 'Flight of Fancy/ Bird Bath'. Yes, well I have something for it, only just. It came out of the kiln on Sunday night, and in one piece. I would have liked to have had more time for it but hey ho! It's always great to see what everyone comes up with.